JOBS IN ECE: Teacher

The following are some child care center jobs.

associate teacher
master teacher
site supervisor
program director
As a Teacher, your role is to be active, diverse and influential.  You develop your own curriculum and schedule.  In the classroom, you answer questions and demonstrate a new project, such as making a collage which uses the children's creativity.  You take the children on fieldtrips and provide new opportunities for children to learn about themselves, others and the world.  Play is part of the classroom agenda, but on the playground, you organize a game or allow for open playtime.  At this point of your career, it is important to attend professional meetings, educational conferences and participate in teacher training workshops to learn efficiency and improve your skills.

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Title:  Teacher

Education requirement: 24 units ECE/CD including core courses plus 16 General Education (GE) units.

Experience requirement: 175 days of 3+ hours per day within 4 years.

Alternative qualifications: AA or higher in ECE/CD or related field with 3 units supervised field experience in ECE/CD setting.

Authorization: May provide service in the care, development and instruction of children in a child care and development program, and supervise all above.

Five year renewel: 105 hours of professional growth.